Personal Makeup Shopping Service

Personal Makeup Shopper London

Price: £100
Approx 3 - 4 hours service.
Delivery fee is required to send products to your home.

If you have a long list of makeup to buy but you don’t know where to start or you don’t have time to pop in shops to spend hours to choose them and you may feel imtimidated by sale assistants at the beauty counter!

We are here to do a makeup shopping for you! With our many years of experience of being a makeup artist we can explore the colours and brands to suit with your personaly style and budget.

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Drag Dreams 3D Lashes

£7.00 per pair

Drag eye leshes that you ever need to help to transform you to be in a completed drag look.

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Drag Dreams Gift Voucher

£90.00 - £400.00

An ideal gift for your loved one to get themselves pampered with an unforgetable experience. 

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NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights/Lumineux


Pro eyeshadows palette with 16 bright and vibrant colours, high pigment and long lasting.

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James Adisai Makeup Blending Sponge


Top qaulity blending sponge for your flawless makeup application.