The Drag Experience & Photo Shoot


This is an all in one package that we will provide you with a full set of makeup, selection of wigs, costumes, high heels and accessories. Our drag expert will make you up, you will be made up for professional photo shoot at our studio. You will be able to borrow an outfit from us to continue with your day or night out.

Price:  The Drag Experience & Photo Shoot For One  £400 at James Adisai Studio (approx 5 hours service). 

What’s is included?

  • Professional photoshoot.
  • Private photo viewing session.
  • Professional drag make-up application by James Adisai.
  • A wig  (to borrow max 3 days).
  • False nails and their application or nail painting (filing and painting).
  • A dress and bra  (to borrow max 3 days).
  • A pair of high heels  (to borrow max 3 days).
  • Accessories  (to borrow max 3 days).
  • Drag styling consultation and drag presentation tutorial from our drag experts.
  • A makeup remover set.
  • Complimentary soft drink, coffee and tea (available at our studio only).

What I will receive?

  • Ten of professional retouched photos in digital files.
  • A CD with all the photos from your shoot to take home immediately.
  • Optional: £30 for each additional digital photo with special retouch.

Good to know:

  • A refundable deposit £200 is required against borrowed materials.
  • Clients are required to pay for return postage of borrowed materials.
  • Borrowed itmes must be returned to us within 3 working days. 
  • A  fee of £5 is applied per item per day for the delay of returning items.
  • Dress, bra and high heels are subjected to available sizes.
  • The Drag Experience &  Photo Shoot clients can bring 1 friend only as a dressing assistant. (your friend must arrive 2 hours later than you as your makeup artist needs to concentrate in providing the service)
  • Alcohol drinks are not allowed during the experience.
  • Video or sound recording is not allowed during the experience and the photo shoot
  • Please read more of our Terms & Conditions on our main website James Adisai Ltd
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